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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Saturday Seminars

Divorce can be a saddening and intimidating life transition to face. Often, people facing divorce are doing so for the first or only time. Having no experience in Divorce litigation can leave individuals in the dark, and susceptible to poor and overpriced legal representation. For these reasons, Gary Hinchman and the staff at Affordable Divorce-Houston offer seminars about the Divorce process and choosing a divorce attorney at no charge, on Saturdays. The seminars are purely informational, are not intended to be legal advice for your particular case, and are free whether or not you choose one of the firm's attorneys. Please fill out the Saturday-Seminars form below and click the Submit button. Please include your name and email address for scheduling updates, and check the box to indicate whether or not you plan to attend the next upcoming seminar. Don't jump into a decision because of fear or lack of knowledge. We invite you to share in our knowledge of the process, regardless of your very personal decisions about how you plan to proceed in your specific case. 

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Divorce Information Packet

These days every thing is simpler. You can buy a house or car online. You can even get married online.  So in keeping with the times why not start your divorce or family law case online.  Download our Divorce Information Packet, and get started right away.  Simply download the 12 page packet we provide for you here.  Fill in the necessary information and you can send it back to us one of many different ways.